A gin and tonic, whiskey sour, or tequila sunrise are all steadfastly timeless and undeniably classy drink orders, however they can all start to taste the same after several nights out. If you’re feeling the need to escape the standard well-drink order and expand your cocktail repertoire, try one (or all) of these craft cocktails at these six craft cocktail bars throughout the city on your next night out.

“East of Eden” or “Whole Lotta Love” at Charlie was a sinner.


The velvet lined booths and antique style wallpaper aren’t the only thing that make Charlie was a sinner. feel like a luxury night out. “East of Eden,” which is a mix of Bulliet, tea infused Dolin Blanc, lillet and fig, is as strong as it is tasty and offers satisfaction to a refined palette. Conversely, “Whole Lotta Love,” made with Cruzan, beet Brandy, lime and soda, stands out as a bubbly, pink alternative to the darker drinks often served by the suave bartenders. 131 S. 13th St., 267.758.5372, charliewasasinner.com

“A Damn Good Cup of Tea” at a.bar


The streamlined design and surprising drinks at a.bar are the perfect remedy for your cocktail rut. “A Damn Good Cup of Tea,” which is a mix of Earl Grey infused Roku Gin, lemon juice, almond orgeat and ginger syrup shaken to satisfaction, is one of the bar’s personal favorites and is likely to quickly become one of yours. 1737 Walnut St., 215.825.7035, akitchenandbar.com

“Old Fashioned Variation” at R&D


Vibrantly colored tile floor are only an enhancement to the charm found at Fishtown’s R&D. Style and elegance ooze effortlessly as the team of bartenders prepare cocktails with a cultivated craft. Drinks like their Old Fashioned Variation mixed with Teeling small batch whiskey, quinquina, and escubac liqueur elevates the standard Old Fashioned order to the next level. 1206 Frankford Ave., 215.515.3452, rdphilly.com

“The Frost Moon” at Attico Rooftop


The Frost Moon, made with vodka, aperol, lime and prosecco, is only one of many drinks that can cure your mixed drink plateau. Attico Rooftop’s decidedly urban atmosphere is juxtaposed by the greenery and nature that fills their bar. The stunning downtown rooftop views alongside their modern menu makes for an undeniable air of class and leisure. 219 S. Broad St., 267.536.5725, atticorooftop.com

“Made You Look” and “Fortune Seeker” at Friday Saturday Sunday


Open, subtly green shutters and sunshine filled murals of grecian landscapes help create a whimsical atmosphere at Friday Saturday Sunday. Cocktails such as “Made You Look”—blanco tequila, lemon, chareau, and strawberry—and “Fortune Seeker”—Calvados, Batavia arrack, Jamaican rum, mulled cider reduction, and red wine—help to further establish this bar’s whimsy. 261 S. 21st St., 215.546.4232, fridaysaturdaysunday.com

“Don’t Put Metal in the Science Oven” at Southwark


A steadfast cinephile will appreciate the salon-style bar that presents an ode to film on their cocktail list. Every drink is named after a notable quote in a major motion picture, and their mix of Old Grand-Dad, Orleans, Fernet, Cola Syrup and Angostura Bitters, called “Don’t Put Metal in the Science Oven,” is simply one of many innovative drinks that distinguish Southwark’s style. 701 S. 4th St., 267.930.8538, southwarkrestaurant.com