(Credit: Boardroom Spirits / Facebook)
Ashley Paskill•
Tue, Sep 18, 2018, 1:52 PM

A local distillery is gaining some national attention, after Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits came in third place in a USA Today contest for the Best Craft Specialty Spirits Distillery category.

This recognition came after a round of voting for specialty spirits across the country. The “Distilled Spirits Special” category is for spirits that do not fall into traditional categories such as vodka, whiskey or rum. In the case of Boardroom Spirits, their “Periodic Table” concept fits this category and was selected to be a part of the contest.

Their “Periodic Table” products are made out of fermented fruits and vegetables, and are not flavored vodka. According to Marat Mamedov, Boardroom Spirits is the only distillery in the country—and even this part of the world—that creates this type of product.

“It’s 2,000 pounds of beets or carrots per batch,” Mamedov said. From there, the fruits or vegetables are grinded down and fermented like a vegetable wine and distilled below 95% alcohol.

“I think that’s maybe why we stood out so much,” Mamedov added, saying that he received an email saying that they were selected to be a part of the USA Today contest. “You don’t see beet spirits or carrot spirits too often.”

The product was awarded third place following a national voting campaign. Voters across the country could vote once a day for their favorite product. Mamedov said it is cool to have a small distillery in a small town get national attention.

“It’s really nice to have the support of your community that really gets behind and is proud about Lansdale and the products we produce,” he said.

The award is the first national award that Boardroom Spirits has received. However, the carrot spirit received attention from the New York Times  when it was released, and the “Periodic Table” line was featured in Food and Wine Magazine. The beets spirit has won a double gold medal in a large craft spirits contest.

Mamedov said that coming in third place showcases the fact that the company is making something unique and flavorful, which is something that people want.

“When we started the company, the whole idea was about educating the consumers and creating products out of real ingredients, not artificial,” said Mamedov. He hopes that receiving the recognition pushes this concept forward and that the industry becomes more transparent.

In the future, Boardroom Spirits will be releasing a variety of whiskies, but they take time to create and mature. They also have a line of Northbound products based out of Souderton. The company is hoping to open more satellite locations across the state and to grow organically to be popular nationally.