Boardroom Spirits Fresh Citrus Vodka was launched November 2016.  It is made from an organic wheat based vodka.  The vodka base is distilled in a custom crafted 120 gallon copper three plate column still produced by Hagyo Distilling in Hungary.  Real fresh lemon, lime, and orange peel is infused.  No artificial flavors, color, sugar, or preservatives are added.  The ingredient list reads: organic wheat vodka, real citrus peel, water.  It is hand bottled at 60 proof.  Boardroom Citrus pours to a pale golden green hued straw color.  A quick swirl of the glass bring out spicy lime, orange, and lemon that has more of a whole fruit aroma than citrus peel alone.  A couple more glass spins brings out subtle fresh baked bread notes, no doubt a result of the organic wheat vodka base.  The mineral water, orange and lime entry has a soft water feel.  The citrus flavor builds with sweet lemon joining the mix.  It fades with spicy lime peel lightened by the sweeter orange, and lemon and soft creamy wheat.  The finish has soft Topo Chico mineral water with unsweetened citrus sherbet flavor, leaving bittersweet citrus peel, and soft wheat vodka taste.  Boardroom Spirits Fresh Citrus Vodka does a nice job balancing the three citrus flavors.  Each sip brings out a different lead citrus flavor.  

Fancy Drink

1 Oz. Apple or Pear Eau De Vie

.5 Oz. Boardroom Citrus Vodka

.25 Oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

.25 Oz. Simple Syrup

Build in a Champaign Glass

Top With Brut Champaign

Garnish With a Lemon Twist

Brut Champaign

Made in Lansdale Pennsylvania

30% Alcohol

Score: 92

Award: Gold Medal