Boardroom Fresh Cranberry Vodka was launched November 2016.  With Thanksgiving only days away I thought it was a good time to review a Thanksgiving Day themed vodka.  To the best of my knowledge no one has yet created a turkey, dressing, or gravy flavored vodka so cranberry was my selection.  Boardroom Fresh Cranberry is made from a 100% non GMO corn vodka base.  The vodka is distilled in a Hagyo custom built 530 gallon still and then infused with dried cranberries.  About 150 dried cranberries are needed to craft one bottle of Boardroom Fresh Cranberry Vodka.  No artificial flavors, color, sugar, or preservatives are added before bottling at 60 proof.  It pours to an Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail red.  The aroma is vanilla, sweet corn, maraschino cherry, fresh boiled cranberry, and orange juice.  The sweet cherry, vanilla and cranberry entry is joined by caramel corn building to a tart unsweetened cranberry peak.  It finishes dry with air popped corn, cherry juice, and fresh tart cranberry, leaving bittersweet cranberry and corn vodka taste.  Boardroom Fresh Cranberry Vodka has fresh and natural cranberry taste without all the added sugar most store bought cranberry juice has.

Five Point Scale

Flavor: 3.5

Flavor Intensity: 3

Sweetness: 2.25

Vodka Taste/Presence: 3

Finish: 3

Blackberry Smash

2 Oz. Fresh Cranberry Vodka

.5 Oz. Simple Syrup

.5 Oz. Fresh Orange Juice

.5 Oz. Fresh Lime Juice

Muddle 6-8 Blackberries in a Double Rocks Glass

Fill Glass With Ice and Add Ingredients

Stir Until Well Chilled

Garnish With Blackberries

Made in Lansdale Pennsylvania

30% Alcohol

Score: 91

Award: Gold Medal