You can Save Hundreds of Dollars on Carpet Remnants and Short Rolls

They Range in Size from Scatter Sizes to Large Enough for Several Rooms.
Remnants range in size from 12’ x 3’ to 12’ x 21’
Short Rolls  from 12’ x 21’ to 12’ x 60’
Full Rolls from 12’ x 60’ to 12 x 150′

We Cut all Remnants to Size. Whatever Size you Need. Big or Small, Assorted Sizes, Colors, and Styles.

Remnants can be used Anywhere! In any Room. This means we can carpet almost any room in your house. May it be One Room or the Entire House.

Remnants also make excellent Custom Area Rugs which can be cut and bound to size.

Tips on Choosing a Carpet Remnant

  • It’s a good idea to measure your rooms before coming to see us so that you’ll know what sizes you’ll need. Be sure to include closets and transitional spots. Bring the measurements and a schematic of the room(s) with you when come to see us.

  • Buying remnants may take a little more time and effort. You might need more than one remnant to fit your entire home, so you may have to mix and match to come up with something you like.

  • With this in mind, it’s also worth mentioning that if you can make remnants work in your home, that’s where you’ll find the greatest savings.

Remnant FAQs

Carpet is manufactured in large rolls. Once sales are made from a roll and the lengths are cut off, it leaves a balance of a roll, a “remnant.” Manufacturers will then sell these “remnants” to make way for new rolls being made. The remaining carpet remnants are then discounted to sell.

Carpet Giant buys these carpet remnants from major manufacturers and will clear large quantities from their inventory. By buying in bulk we get huge price savings that we offer to our customers with savings of up to 70%.

We buy hundreds and hundreds of remnants from the various manufacturers. The manufacturers love us, because we solve a big problem for them. We help them move hundreds of sizes that they have difficulty selling. They sell the carpet remnants to us at a huge discount, and we pass that discount on to our customers.


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