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Original Watercolors by Clement DaVinci

Ciao – Welcome!

My name is Clem DaVinci – Most people want to know if I am related to Leonardo DaVinci and the answer is…yes..(sort of). My grandfather and grandmother were born in Calabria, Italy near Maida – their families were very poor, my grandmother lived in a convent for some time. They both came to the U.S. in the early 1920’s through Ellis Island, and settled with distant family members near Philadelphia.

My grandfather was given the name Leonardo DaVinci before coming to America in hopes that it would help him to achieve greatness in the new country.

I now live in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia where I continue to learn new watercolor, pen and ink, and photographic techniques.

I hope you enjoy the DaVinci Watercolors shop!

– Clem DaVinci

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